Professional Liability

Professional Liability (Errors and Omission)

Professional liability insurance covers professionals with advanced degrees like a CPA or highly skilled in a particular area like a doctor or architect. While “professional” is usually used to describe people whose occupation requires extensive academic training like lawyers and accountants, professional also applies to business skills that don’t require a degree but do demand highly specialized skills.

It is important that Florida professionals carry professional liability to cover themselves in this highly litigious society. This expansive list includes accountants, attorneys, architects and engineers, insurance agents, real estate brokers and agents, home inspectors, escrow agents, stockbrokers, graphic and web designers, IT contractors, business consultants, nurses, insurance agents, dentists, ambulance services, pharmacists, and veterinarians.

Doctors and other medical professionals usually need a specific medical Malpractice Liability policy.
This is the best way to protect themselves against the potential financial losses from lawsuits filed by a customer, all Florida professionals who run their own businesses should carry a Florida professional liability insurance policy. Professional insurance offers protection from clients that holds you liable for errors or the failure to provide services as stated under a contract.

Professional liability insurance policies are designed specifically to meet the unique demands of each professional. It must be noted that professional liability policies, excludes any protection for intentional or dishonest acts of the policyholder.

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