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Life Insurance

Providing for our family and loved ones is the ultimate reason why we work diligently each day, but this would be all in vain if we had an untimely death without sufficient life insurance policy in place.
Your loved ones could lose the home you purchased, the children could have no funds to pay for college or continue the way of life you had created for them.
Life insurance is the best and easiest cost effective way to create a safety net for your family.

We Kare Risk Management has partnered with reputable A+ carriers to offer life insurance policies that meet the needs of our clients. We offer Term and Permanent (sometimes called universal life) polices. Our policies are unique and designed to meet the needs of today’s market conditions.


Our policies include:

Living Benefits ;

Critical illness where the insured can get a portion of the policy proceeds, If they suffered a heart attack, stroke or cancer without death.

Chronic illness (long term care) where the insured can’t do any two activities of daily living without assistance such as bathing or eating


Policies are designed to help clients save extensively towards retirement without the burden of taxes which is the issue with 401K’s or IRA accounts


Disability policies are essential to protect your income stream if you become ill and can’t work for a while, we have both short term and long term policies

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