Liquor liability

Liquor liability Coverage

Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for entrepreneurs involved in the alcohol business such as liquor stores, bars, taverns, restaurants, and hotels. This liquor liability insurance covers businesses for liquor-related claims made against them. It’s usually a claim for damages as a result of the actions of an intoxicated person. Damages from liquor liability suits can be substantial, so it is essential for Florida businesses to carry adequate liquor liability coverage.

Florida business owners must know that general liability policies do not cover liquor liability. Illegal activities are not covered by liquor liability insurance such as sales to a minor or selling liquor without the appropriate license. Coverage may also exclude mental damages and psychological distress. It is important to note that there are circumstances where people outside of the alcohol business need liquor liability coverage. For example, a wedding reception host could be liable for the actions of someone who becomes drunk at the reception. While some Florida venues have liability policies that cover private events, sometimes it is necessary (or good practice) to purchase what is known as a host liquor policy; this type of liquor liability policy is tailored to individuals or entities who are not in the business of alcohol sales, production, or service, but who needs temporary coverage.

Florida liquor liability insurance may be attached to a general liability policy as a rider or it can be purchased separately.

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